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Professional activity as member of supervisory and advisory boards and on boards of directors

The work and tasks of supervisory boards are becoming more and more complex and demanding!

In addition to personal independence, specialist knowledge and experience in sustainable corporate management and risk management are mandatory prerequisites.

As an internationally experienced executive with more than 30 years of operational experience in his own company and as a partner in one of the world's largest professional service firms, Professor Christoph Ehrhardt has a wealth of experience and in-depth sector knowledge in various industries.

Derived from this, Professor Ehrhardt concentrates on his professional work as a member of supervisory and advisory boards and boards of directors. He sees himself as an important link between the management and the owners and shareholders.

Trust, knowledge of the sectors and industry, personal commitment, interest, curiosity and empathy are the hallmarks of Professor Christoph Ehrhardt's way of working.

Professor Ehrhardt represents corporations, family businesses and institutional investors, public private partnerships and public sector companies.

The focus is always on the added value that his activities create for the respective company and which can be summarised in strategic consulting for the board of directors or the management, an independent control of the board of directors and the management and as a professional and competent partner.

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We take care of and implement your strategy

In times of great change, leadership competence, many years of industry experience and technical knowledge are required to develop and implement strategic concepts for a successful future for our customers.

Our industry focus is on infrastructure and real estate, consumer goods, healthcare and the public sector.

Bennix strategic advisors GmbH offers tailor-made solutions in the following areas with a small, seasoned and highly experienced team of specialists headed by Managing Director Professor Christoph Ehrhardt. We make sure that our teams are proactively supported by intelligent, experienced and motivated minds.

  • Strategic consulting

    Bennix strategic advisors GmbH is your strategic partner and consultant.

    Together with our clients, we analyse the status quo using a SWOT analysis (evaluation of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) and compare the results with the industry standards and competitors. From this, we develop the future strategy for your company, including an implementation proposal and timeline. We accompany the implementation of the strategy with an experienced project management team.

    Should a commercial or technical due diligence in the analysis phase will be required, we will perform it ourselves or together with partner offices with whom we have a long-standing, successful cooperation. We take over the entire coordination.

    In addition to a high analytical standard, we always make sure that our solutions are feasible and that they bring real and sustainable added value to your company.

    As a rule, our teams work directly with and at our customers.

  • Organizational Consulting & Project Management

    The implementation of strategic concepts as well as changing market conditions and a more competitive environment often require the adaptation of existing, traditional organizational forms.

    Organizational structures and processes must be analysed and adapted. What worked well in the past may not work today and for the future.

    The organizational consultants at Bennix strategic advisors GmbH have many years of experience in the conceptualization, development and implementation of organizational models. With a very detailed knowledge of the respective sector, we design the most suitable organizational form for our customers.

    It is important to us that our consulting approach results in as little disruption and uncertainty as possible for employees in their day-to-day business.

    During the analysis, we look at the existing organizational structure and processes and examine them using the SWOT analysis. We examine existing business processes as well as internal and external communication, risk and quality management, controlling processes and the existing IT landscape.

    As a result we develop a catalogue of measures in the form of an organization manual in which all essential processes are defined and which forms the framework for the implementation of our organization consulting.

    Management as well as employees are involved in the implementation phase in the form of interactive workshops in order to achieve the greatest possible acceptance.

    The (re)organization process is accompanied by an experienced project manager who guides the implementation of defined milestones, deadlines within a specified cost budget and ensures smooth implementation. Transparency is accompanied and ensured by corresponding to-do lists.

  • Advice on succession planning

    Many family businesses, which have been operating successfully on the market for decades, find it difficult to find a suitable successor. The reasons for this are manifold: no children willing to succeed or too many heirs, conflicts or conflicting interests among the shareholders can stand in the way of a successful and future-oriented company succession.

    Bennix strategic advisors GmbH advises you on the timely development of concepts for an orderly and sustainable succession plan.

    We again start by analysing the status quo, we conduct detailed interviews with the relevant parties involved (within the family as well as with external parties) and develop a requirements profile in the form of a job description. In doing so, we naturally take the interests of the owners and the special circumstances of the respective company into account .

    We provide active support in the search for suitable candidates in the event of an external succession plan, where we work very closely with corresponding personnel consultants who are experienced in the industry.

    Bennix strategic advisors GmbH creates coaching concepts for internal succession solutions and also accompanies the candidates during the entire transition process. We also accompany the transition phase in the form of an accompanying interim management.

    In addition to a high degree of independence, our team has many years of experience in the infrastructure and real estate sectors.


Strategy consulting
Strategy consulting

Development of a short, medium and long-term corporate strategy and accompaniment of the implementation process for a food technology company. Examination of the structural and procedural organization and the internal and external business processes. In addition, development of a medium- and long-term future strategy for the further development of the company.

Organizational consulting
Organizational consulting

Development of reorganization consultation for reorienting and repositioning a specialized technology company, including the implementation phase of the structural and process organization. We have incorporated industry trends and changes in the company's sector environment into our analysis and implementation strategy.

Consulting & PMO
Consulting & PMO

We are responsible for consulting, controlling and the Project Management Office (PMO) for the expansion strategy in the Middle East for an internationally active company in the healthcare sector. In addition to classic real estate topics, our support also includes the areas of foreign trade and logistics.

Company succession
Company succession

Development of a succession solution, including a job description and support during the selection process of suitable candidates for a traditional family business. We select the suitable personnel agencies and steer the process up until successful signing of the contract.

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"We will take care of your concerns"
CEO Prof. Christoph Ehrhardt

Professor Christoph Ehrhardt is the founder and managing partner of Bennix strategic advisors GmbH. The company supports companies in formulating, designing and actively implementing strategic projects. Professor Ehrhardt's activities focus on strategy consulting, organizational consulting and project management, as well as advice on succession issues in companies.

Professor Ehrhardt is on the supervisory and administrative boards of renowned companies and is an active member on advisory boards. He is also invested in start-ups, which he also supports in an advisory capacity.

After studying architecture and achieving an MBA, Professor Christoph Ehrhardt began his professional career as a project manager in an international consulting firm.

In 1989, together with a partner, he founded the project management company Professor Weiss & Partner mbH, which was, amongst numerous landmark projects, responsible for the successful conversion of the Reichstag in Berlin into the new seat of the German Bundestag. For this he was awarded the Special MIPIM Award in 2000, the so-called "Real Estate Oscar".

In 1997, the company merged with the auditing and consulting firm Arthur Andersen, which was merged into Ernst & Young (EY) GmbH in 2002. During his time as a partner in both companies, Professor Ehrhardt held various international management positions in the global group of companies and was responsible for the global real estate and infrastructure transaction business for many years until his departure at the end of 2018.

In addition to the real estate and infrastructure sector, Professor Ehrhardt has many years of experience in the consumer goods industry, the healthcare sector and public sector consulting.

From 1998 to 2010, Professor Ehrhardt was a full professor at the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule für Technik), where he was responsible for the Master's programme "International Project Management".

Professor Ehrhardt is also involved in a number of charitable organizations (NGO´s), including as Trustee for a school in Coimbatore/Tamil Nadu in India.

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